Vestilavoro wishes to ensure your complete satisfaction. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you MAY return one or more items - without ever having used them, within 14 days after the delivery date (including holidays)- and you will receive a refund equal to the price of the returned products, or a exchange.

The shipping costs for the return are at Your expense and are not refundable (as required by law).

You may change the items purchased with other products. The terms and instructions regarding the right of withdrawal, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no.21/2014, art.49(4), are published in the "Terms and Conditions". Here below is a brief operational explanation, which does not replace the complete acceptance of that prescribed in "Terms and Conditions of Sale" Returned items that are not in the same condition in which you received them will not be accepted, hence they may not be processed, used or altered in color, fragrance and structure (moreover, odors must not be perceptible such as sweat, perfume, smoke, etc.).

We urge you to take particular care whey trying on the article of clothing purchased because, in case of missing or damaged original hanging labels, the item will be considered irremediably devalued depreciated and unmarketable and therefore with a value of zero euro.

Requirements to be observed return or change a product:

- All labels, sewed on fabric or hanging, are fully intact and, therefore, have not been removed from the article of clothing.

- The right applies to product purchased in its entirety; the right of withdrawal may not be exercised on a part of the product purchased

- Each article of clothing to be returned in the same condition in which had been originally shipped to you be packed in an orderly manner

- Each article of clothing returned must not have been worn and / or washed and / or ironed and / or treated in any way.

- The package containing the returned good must be physically delivered to the carrier within 14 days from the date of delivery (including holidays).

The shipping costs, even for the return, are at your expense (as required by law). The package containing the returned goods must be received c/o our warehouse within 14 days from the date of Your shipment. Therefore - in order to prevent the loss of the goods or the accrual of a significant delay we recommend you use an express courier and insure the shipment. We will refund the payments received by the same method of payment used by the buyer for the initial purchase as quickly as possible, after checking and examined the returned products.

WARNING: the package containing the returned goods travels at Your cost and at You’re your jeopardy and, therefore, we cannot be held liable for any loss, damage due to poor packaging, delay in delivery c/o our warehouses.

WARNING: the return of an order must be made within 14 days from the date of delivery (including holidays). Said term having lapsed fruitlessly, we will not accept the return.

WARNING: items purchased in exchange for the outstanding balance, may be returned, with the same limitations and the same manner describedabove.

WARNING: The package must be delivered to: Vestilavoro s.r.l. Via Francesco Crispi, 129 95131 Catania Italy The parcels not delivered c/o the point of sale will not be picked up at the post office.

WARNING: Even if only one of these conditions is not met, Vestilavoro will not accept your return and the package will be rejected or the articles will be returned at your expense.

What will we do once we receive the package

Upon receipt of your package, Vestilavoro will verify that have been met all the conditions listed above, and if the procedure was successful, we will make your refund by accrediting your credit card (if you paid by credit card) or by bank transfer (if you paid by bank transfer or cash on delivery) or credit Paypal (if you paid by Paypal) within 14 working days. You can choose to receive a Voucher instead of a refund. However, if the above conditions have not been met, we will notify you and allow you to have the returned goods sent back to you, at your address and at your expense.