Workwear: our sectors

Discover our wide range of workwear: work pants, overalls, work overalls, vests, jackets, accessories and much more. Choose work clothes that suit your job and do not miss our special offers!
Vestilavoro has gained considerable experience over the years as regards the supply of quality products in a variety of working environments. We believe seriously in all those values that should be an integral part of a business, and our goal is to provide the necessary means so that every worker can best express his professionalism.
Always we treat only products MADE IN ITALY since we know well the difference between the properties of a good fabric and those of a mediocre fabric.
The work uniform must always be flawless, durable, and easy to clean; However, these features can only be found in products made with some care, with the right raw materials and knowledge of the business sectors in which they are employed.

Vestilavoro is capable of covering a wide range of professions that can be summarized as follows for macro areas:

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